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Decision On Primary Ballot Dispute Expected Soon

TERRE HAUTE, Ind – Attorneys for the county and a candidate for Terre Haute District 3 City council presented their final arguments Tuesday morning in court. Candidate Tess Brooks-Stephens argues she should be listed before candidate Cheryl

Chewy Chips Ahoy! RECALL

INDIANAPOLIS — There might be something in your Chips Ahoy! cookies. Mondelez Global LLC is recalling some packages of Chewy Chips Ahoy! cookies because something in the cookies is making people sick. The “something” is being described

Vaping Tax Proposal Vaporizes

INDIANAPOLIS – You might not pay more for vaping after all. On a voice vote, senators have gutted a bill to impose a tax on e-liquids, calling instead for a study of the issue. Logansport Republican Randy

Indiana Senate Has Passed A Budget, Now The Hard Part

INDIANAPOLIS – The Senate has approved its version of the budget, but the real work is just starting. House and Senate negotiators will recalculate their spending plans starting Wednesday, when the legislature’s fiscal analysts deliver an updated