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Robinson Business Will Stay Open

ROBINSON, Ill. – It now looks like a Robinson, Illinois business will not close but will stay open. It looked like Tempco Production Company would be closing by the end of he year. Employees had said that

USS Indianapolis Now Officially Part Of The Navy Fleet

BURNS HARBOR, Ind.–The U.S. Navy commissioned its new USS Indianapolis combat vessel at a northwestern Indiana port on Saturday. (You can watch the ceremony by clicking the link below:)   It’s the fourth military vessel carrying the

No Injuries In Saturday Fire

TERRE HAUTE, Ind.  – No injuries were reported in a Saturday evening fire near 25th and Hulman Streets. It started around 7:00 p.m. Firefighters said the fire started in the basement and there was heavy smoke, but

Second Death In Indiana Due To Flu

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Department of Health is reporting the state’s second death linked to influenza. The update comes just days after the state reported the first flu-related death of the 2019-2020 flu season. According to

Indiana Has More Jobs Than Workers

INDIANAPOLIS – About half of Indiana employers say they’re leaving jobs unfilled because they can’t find qualified workers — but for the first time in five years, fewer say it’s their biggest problem. An Indiana Chamber survey