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Police Say Juveniles Crashed In Stolen Car

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. – The Vigo County Sheriff’s Department reports that a group of juveniles in a stolen car were responsible for a serious crash Wednesday morning. It happened around 6:15 a.m. near Dogwood Street and Flesher

Indiana Revamping Tourism Efforts To Build Economic Development

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana is revamping its tourism efforts to underline the link with economic development. Legislators created the Indiana Destination Development Corporation to improve Indiana’s marketing efforts not just to tourists, but to businesses looking to locate

Holiday Eating, How To Avoid Weight Gain

MUNCIE, Ind.–The big eating holidays are about to begin. You’ll likely have the chance to eat plenty of turkey, ham, dressing and lots of desserts. Nutrition lecturer Christy Tunnell, at Ball State University, says you can enjoy

Fewer Tree Farms As More Switch To Artificial

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Friday will be one of the busiest Christmas tree shopping days of the year with families making the switch from Thanksgiving mode to Christmas mode. However, Hoosier families will have fewer options on where