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What Do Democrats Want Out Of The Upcoming Session?

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana will redraw its congressional and legislative maps in 2021, and Senate Democrats want to change the process for doing it. Legislators in both parties have proposed an independent redistricting commission, but the idea has

Naming Ceremony Held For USS Richard Lugar

INDIANAPOLIS–A warship will be named after former Sen. Richard G. Lugar, who served as mayor of Indianapolis, a United States senator from Indiana, but before his political career, as a lieutenant in the Navy. A naming ceremony

Nearly $92 Million In Sports Betting During October

INDIANAPOLIS — The second month of legal sports betting in Indiana saw wagers totaling nearly $92 million, according to data collected by the Indiana Gaming Commission. A total of $91.7 million was wagered in October, nearly $60

Mayor Of Muncie Arrested By FBI

MUNCIE, Ind. — Dennis Tyler(D), the Mayor of Muncie, has been arrested by the FBI. Tyler was arrested Monday morning at his home on Muncie’s north side, reports The Star Press newspaper. Christine Bavender, a spokesperson for