Small Number Of Rockville Ballots Affected By Programming Glitch

PARKE COUNTY, Ind – A small problem in Parke County Tuesday with a few ballots.

Parke County Clerk Stacey Jefferies says that in one precinct the wrong ballot was programmed into the voting machine by the vendor G-B-F.

The county ballot was programmed into the machine instead of the town ballot in the Adams precinct.

Officials that that the machine affected was taken out of service until it was reprogrammed and that only 28 ballots were cast on that machine.

Parke County Officials are waiting on word from the Indiana Secretary of States office on what if anything should be done.

The smallest margin in the town races was 80 votes so even if those ballots had to be recast it would not change the outcome.

If you believe your ballot was affected, you are asked to submit a letter to the clerk’s office.

If the Secretary of State ordered a special election for the town the vendor would likely have to pick up the cost.