Terre Haute Rex on WAMB Timeless Classics

Terre Haute Rex Baseball will be on WAMB in 2018! The Rex will return to local airwaves with expanded coverage on WAMB AM 1130 and FM 106.9 in Brazil as well as FM 99.5 in Terre Haute. All games are also streamed at wambradio.com.

The Rex play a 60-game regular season schedule in the Prospect League. This year all 60+ games, both home and away, will be broadcast on WAMB with Jerry Arnold.

2018 Schedule
Road Games marked with *
All times EDT

*May 30    Lafayette     6:35PM
May 31    Lafayette    7:05PM
June 1    Danville    7:05PM
*June 2    Hannibal    7:35PM
*June 3    Springfield    6:05PM
June 5    Springfield    7:05PM
*June 6    Lafayette    6:35PM
*June 7    Danville    7:30PM
June 8    Hannibal    7:05PM
June 9    West Virginia    7:05PM
June 10    West Virginia    5:30PM
*June 12    Danville    7:30PM
*June 13    Quincy    7:35PM
June 14    Danville    7:05PM
*June 15    Springfield    7:35PM
June 17    Hannibal    5:30PM
June 18    Quincy    5:30PM/8:00PM (DH)
*June 19    Lafayette    6:35PM
June 20    Chillicothe    7:05PM
June 21    Chillicothe    7:05PM
*June 22    Hannibal    7:35PM
*June 23    Kokomo    7:05PM
June 24    Danville    5:30PM
*June 26    Quincy    6:30PM/9:00PM (DH)
June 28    Quincy    7:05PM
June 29    Springfield    7:05PM
*June 30    Danville    7:30PM
July 1    Quincy    5:30PM
*July 2    Hannibal    7:35PM
*July 3    Danville    7:30PM
*July 4    Springfield    7:35PM
July 5    Quincy    7:05PM
July 6    Danville    7:05PM
July 7    War Dogs    7:05PM
*July 8    Lafayette    3:05PM
July 9    Lafayette    7:05PM
*July 10    Danville    7:30PM
*July 11    Springfield    7:35PM
July 12    Springfield    7:05PM
July 13    Danville    7:05PM
*July 14    Kokomo    7:05PM
July 15    Danville    5:30PM
*July 16    Danville    7:30PM
July 17    Hannibal    7:05PM
*July 18    Quincy    7:35PM
July 20    Champ City    7:05PM
July 21    Champ City    7:05PM
July 22    Danville    5:30PM
*July 23    Champ City    6:35PM
*July 24    West Virginia    6:35PM
*July 25    West Virginia    6:35PM
*July 26    Champ City    6:35PM
July 27    Springfield    7:05PM
*July 28    Hannibal    7:35PM
*July 29    Kokomo    3:05PM
July 31    Hannibal    7:05PM
August 1    Springfield    7:05PM
August 2    Danville    7:05PM
*August 3    Danville    7:30PM

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