Three City Employees Reach Settlements In Harassment Cases

TERRE HAUTE, Ind – The city of Terre Haute has reached out-of-court settlements totaling nearly $300,000 with three street department workers who claimed that they endured harassment and a hostile work environment.

Terry Fish Sr., file suit in 2017 and said that workers called him names, threw objects at him and more, all while making fun of his disability and impairments. He also said that supervisors knew of the incidents, but failed to act.

An EEOC investigation supported Fish’s allegations and called the harassment “severe and pervasive” and that the city failed to take action.

Fish’s case was settled for $225,000.

Monty Stillman who also worked in the street department filed claiming he was fired by the city in retaliation and more for being a supporting witness for Fish. He also claimed that other department employees gave bad recommendations to other prospective employers.

Sillman’s case was settled for $47,500.

Stephen Stedman also filed a lawsuit saying that he resigned due to “ongoing and worsening workplace harassment” of himself and his coworkers with no disciplinary action taken.

Stedman’s case was settled for $12,000.

City employees will also now undergo training sessions on proper workplace conduct.


Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash