Vigo Council Talks Money At Tuesday Meeting

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. – The Vigo County Council met Tuesday night and the biggest item on the agenda was money.

The council approved $13,000 for the County Clerk’s office that will go to help with upcoming elections. It will cover the cost of people to work at polls and at other jobs.

The council approved $11,000 to help with Community Corrections with cleanup crews help them to find jobs to work.

Council members also moved left over funds from some projects to others that needed funding.

FEMA gave the County money to help flood victims but not all that money was used so now it may go to build a new park in Vigo County that could include a Monarch Butterfly garden and a walkway from Terre Haute to West Terre Haute.

The council also approved extra monies to help volunteer fire departments across the county.

There is about $1 million dedicated to 911 dispatch centers that wasn’t being used because of a public safety income tax increase. It was proposed that those extra funds be moved into the general fund. The money could then be used for pay raises and replacing needed equipment.