Not Much Interest In City Budget

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – The Terre Haute City Council held a special hearing on the city budget Thursday night and the only people that attended were the council members.

No members of the general public attended the meeting on the 2019 city budget which Mayor Duke Bennett said totals around $90 million and is balanced.

A Special Meeting for discussion between the Mayor, Controller and City Council concerning the budget is September 19 at 5:30 pm. The council is expected to vote October 11 at the 6:00 pm meeting.

The proposed budget is available online here.

A regular meeting was also Thursday evening.

The council approved a 10-year personal tax abatement for JWS Machine, 501 South Airport Street.

The council also allocated means $2,200 in EDIT funds to be used for the demolition of unsafe buildings, changing the speed limit on Miller Drive from 30mph to 25mph and rezoned East Margaret Drive from  3349 and 3367 from Open District to Two Family Residential District.