Terre Haute Sears To Close

Latest closing list:  101518_store_closing_list

TERRE HAUTE, Ind – As part of its chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Sears Holdings has announced that it will close another 142 unprofitable stores on top of the 46 stores already announced earlier this year.

The Sears store at Honey Creek Mall is on that list. Liquidation sales at the additional stores are expected to begin within two weeks, according to a court filing.

This will leave the Honey Creek Mall with one surviving anchor store with the closing of Macy’s and Carson’s earlier this year. Only JC Penny remains.

Two other stores in Indiana will also close.  They are the Sears store at the Greenwood Mall and the K-Mart store 6780 W Washington St in Indianapolis.

Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday, buckling under its massive debt load and staggering losses.

Sears, started as a mail order catalog in the 1880s, has been on a slow march toward extinction as it lagged far behind its peers and incurred huge losses over the years.

Many experts question if a new smaller Sears will be able to survive.