Attorneys Want Over $90,000 For Suing County, So Far

VIGO COUNTY, Ind – Not only will Vigo County have to pay to build a new jail due to a lawsuit but will likely also have to pay for the attorneys who filed the suit against the county.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys in a federal lawsuit alleging unconstitutional conditions at the Vigo County Jail are asking for just over $90,000, so far.

The money is to reimburse attorney fees and costs for work done to date on behalf of the former inmates that are the plaintiffs.

The county will likely have to pay some fees although the amount and when they are to be paid has not been determined by the judge in the case.

The county has liability insurance that could cover the expense or payment could be made from the county’s general fund.

Meanwhile U.S. District Court Chief Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson has ordered the defendants to file a report by December 19th on the status of the zoning issue involving land for the new jail.

The city council will meet and could decide the zoning question at their December 6th meeting.


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Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash