Compromise Over Christmas Display At Parke County School

MONTEZUMA, Ind. – A change of mind over Christmas displays at a Parke County school.

Earlier Montezuma school officials announced a nativity scene would not be allowed at the school’s annual Christmas program. 

Several members of the community voiced their displeasure with that decision.

That’s why Southwest Parke School Administrators have come up with a compromise that they hope everyone can agree on.

Now there will be a bulletin board displaying both the Nativity Scene, and secular figures. Student artwork will also be on display. This will give a chance for students to show what the holiday season looks like to them.

If others want to display what the season means to them and their religion such as the Jewish and Hanukah, that will be welcome as well.



Here is a letter sent to parents from school officials



Photo by Dan Kiefer on Unsplash