Mother And Daughter From Indy Star In HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis mother-and-daughter renovators from H-G-T-V’s “Good Bones” have taken on a house you’ve probably seen: the home of the Brady Bunch.

The Brady house really exists in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles, but until now, the interior you saw on T-V was just a soundstage. The way it became the Brady house was an all-star makeover engineered by H-G-T-V, which bought the house last summer, then teamed “Good Bones” hosts Mina Starsiak and Karen Laine with the stars of “Property Brothers,” “Restored by the Fords,” “Hidden Potential” and “Flea Market Flip” to recreate the living space inside.

Starsiak says all the renovators helped each other throughout the house, but the “Good Bones” team was in charge of the work in the backyard and the kids’ bathroom and bedrooms.

The team consulted the six actors who played the Brady kids about the details of dressing the set. Some items were still in storage at Paramount from 1995’s “Brady Bunch Movie” and its sequels, while others had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Starsiak says the project took a few liberties to get the look of the house right. To wedge the famous Brady staircase into what’s actually a split-level home, the team had to build an addition, and sink the base below ground to keep it hidden behind the roof line. And the house isn’t tall enough for Greg Brady’s attic, so the attic decor was relocated to a den.

“A Very Brady Renovation” premieres on H-G-T-V in September. Starsiak says the network hasn’t determined what to do with the house. She says there’s an emotional attachment to the house after the six-month project, and no one wants to see a buyer rip out the furniture or knock down the house. One possibility is to offer stays in the house as contest prizes, or to turn it into an Airbnb — perhaps with a recast Alice fixing breakfast in the morning.


Graphic courtesy HGTV