Plainfield Man Arrested In Sullivan On Theft And Drug Charges

SULLIVAN COUNTY – Around 7:30 this past Sunday evening (6-2-19), Indiana State Police were called to a Sullivan residence at 430 South Court Street.

The resident told police that a softball backpack and equipment had been stolen out of a van parked at the house.

The victim also gave a description of a male subject who had later been seen in the area with the backpack.

The victim stated that he verbally confronted the subject, who said that he didn’t have time to stop, as he was on his way to Harris Street to rent an apartment.

30-year-old Levi B. Tackett, of Plainfield was found by police.

When Tackett saw the officer, he went inside an apartment, and locked the door.

The landlord was located and gave permission for the Trooper to enter the apartment.

Tacket was found in a closet of a bedroom, emptying out items from the backpack.

Tackett was searched and arrested for possession meth, paraphernalia, marijuana and stolen property.

Sullivan County arrest, items seized
Sullivan County arrest, items seized.  meth