Allgeded Burglar Tracked Down By THPD And K-9 Pelkes

TERRE HAUTE, Ind – Around 1:30 pm Tuesday afternoon Terre Haute Police were called to the east side of town near the Woodridge and Wyndham Neighborhoods to investigate a possible burglary.

Officers found that a suspect had walked into the victim’s garage and was rummaging through their car when the homeowner interrupted them and the man fled.

Over the next three hours while officers were investigating Central Dispatch received numerous calls, about every 15 minutes, from other citizens saying the suspect was in their yard and/or looking through their vehicles.

At one point the suspect was spotted by THPD Officers as he was running through yards and jumping fences about 500 feet away.

By 4:30 p.m. 32 year old Stephen Wiggins was found and arrested by THPD K9 Pelkes and handler Officer Tony Mazzon.

The two officers tracked Wiggins for almost 2 miles.

Wiggins is charged with felony theft, trespassing, and resisting law enforcement.

He also had an outstanding warrant for resisting law enforcement and possession of paraphernalia.