Vigo County School Buses Not Allowed On I-70

TERRE HAUTE, Ind—In response to the significant number of serious accidents on Interstate 70 between the Indiana/Illinois border and Indianapolis, the Vigo County School Corporation will no longer allow bus travel on Interstate 70 west of Indianapolis.

Athletic teams will still use Interstate 465 and Interstate 65 to reach events in the central part of the state, but they will no longer use Interstate 70 to reach central Indiana. Travel on Interstate 70 within Terre Haute for daily use will also be prohibited.

“Keeping our children safe is one of our most basic priorities, and recent news tells us that our children will be safer staying off Interstate 70,” said Bill Riley, director of communications for Vigo County School Corporation. “While it might take a little longer to reach athletic events, that is a small price to pay for safer travel.”

The Vigo County School Corporation will continue to evaluate the safety of bus routes within and outside of the district and may update this policy in the future.



file photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash