City Council And Mayor Talk 2020 Budget

TERRE HAUTE, Ind – The Terre Haute City Council and Mayor Duke Bennett talked about the 2020 city budget Thursday evening.

Next year’s budget totals $97.1 million in all funds with a projected balance of $1.2 million.

There is a $3.9 million or 4.2% increase in proposed 2020 spending over 2019 totals.

Mayor Bennett said the proposed spending will be covered by a projected $98.4 million in revenues.

Exact tax income from the state won’t be known until February.

The general fund is projected to have a $2 million balance by the end of 2020.

The mayor is proposing the hiring of two additional Code Enforcement officers, the purchase of equipment and vehicles for several departments, road projects and a pay raise for most staff who are not elected.

There are scheduled to be additional budget hearings at 5:30 p.m. on September 16 and September 23 at City Hall.

The city council is expected to pass a budget for 2020 on October 3rd.



Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash