Making The Case For Vigo School Referendum

VIGO COUNTY, Ind –  The fifth of eighteen community meetings was held Wednesday evening at Hoosier Prairie Elementary School. The meeting was to talk about the referendum that will be on the November ballot asking for a property tax hike to help fund the Vigo County School Corporation.

The school system is spending its cash balance and if there isn’t an increase in revenue and budget cuts, that savings account will be gone by the end of next year.

Superintendent Dr. Rob Haworth referred to the referendum as a way to get through the next few years until things can be turned around.

If a school is closed Haworth said that they would look hard at re-purposing a property for another educational purpose.

Those in attendance were asked to list their ideas to save money and generate revenue.

HP meeting

Haworth said that more information will be released Friday on what they have learned from the meetings so far and more specifics on the proposed budget cuts.

What does he think the chances are of the referendum passing?

The education referendum will be the second question on the ballot right behind the casino referendum.

The rest of the fall ballot will be city offices.

Another meeting will be held tonight (9/26/19) at Rio Grande Elementary starting at 6:30 p.m.

You can learn more about the referendum form the “Yes 4 Vigo Students” here.

Vote Yes PAC