County Tax Rates Going Up October 1st

WABASH VALLEY – Several Wabash Valley counties are set to receive income tax increases according to the Indiana Department of Revenue.

In our area, Vigo, Clay, Greene, Owen, Putnam, and Sullivan Counties will see the hike starting October 1st.

The Department of Revenue says the local income tax rates are set by county officials, and then reported to their department.

A list of local counties affected are below.

  • Vigo County: 0.02, increased from 0.0125
  • Clay County: 0.0235, increased from 0.0225
  • Greene County: 0.0195, increased from 0.0175
  • Owen County: 0.014, increased from 0.013
  • Putnam County: 0.021, increased from 0.02
  • Sullivan County: 0.017, increased from 0.006

Cover Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash