Changes Made To Keep Inmates From Being Accidentally Released

VIGO COUNTY, Ind.  –  Three weeks ago an inmate at the Vigo County Jail was released by mistake.

48-year-old Gregg Shepherd was released from the Vigo County Jail on September 5th. For eight days, the Sheriff’s Office didn’t know he was gone and they are still looking for him.

The Sheriff’s Office has conducted an investigation and it has been determined that a form that was to be filled out after a court appearance was not. There is a space on the form that indicates if the inmate is to be released, sentenced or the next court date.  Shepherds form was left blank.

Sheriff Jon Plasse says that steps are being taken to make sure that everyone takes their time and that the forms are filled out properly and that more than one person reviews the paper work.

If you know anything about Gregg Shepherd’s whereabouts, please call crime stoppers at 812-238-STOP.