Fire Chief Appeals Decision To Not Fire Firefighter Charged With Child Molessting

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — An appeal has been filed by the Terre Haute fire chief after a merit board decided not to fire a firefighter.

Roger Plunkett II, the firefighter in question, is charged with child pornography and child molesting, charges he has not been convicted of yet.

Against the wishes of Chief Jeff Fisher the city’s Fire Merit Commission voted to suspend Plunkett for a year without pay instead of firing him, saying since Plunkett has not been convicted of a crime, there is not enough proof yet to fire Plunkett for violating department rules.

Terre Haute Fire Chief Jeff Fisher

“We felt this was a serious enough offense to seek termination,” Fisher said. “For them to vote for suspension without pay, I feel the character of this person (Plunkett) does not reflect the character of the Terre Haute Fire Department or our firefighters and that’s why I’m seeking for this person to be terminated.”

For now, the decision of Plunkett’s future is out of the hands of the merit commission, pending the results of Fisher’s appeal. Once Plunkett’s trial on the molesting and child porn charges runs it’s course, the commission will be allowed again to consider Plunkett’s future with the department.

Plunket will stand trail February 24th.