Gaming Commission Will Likely Not Rule On Casino License Until Summer

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indiana Gaming Commission says it doesn’t anticipate deciding on the operator of a Terre Haute casino at its upcoming meeting on March 26th.

Officials say they are still investigating Spectacle Entertainment which was the only bidder for the Terre Haute casino license.

Charles O’Neill of Strategic Campaign Group Inc. pleaded guilty to conspiring in a 2015 scheme to funnel more than $15,000 from an Indianapolis-based gaming company to a campaign for a U.S. House seat in Indiana’s Ninth District.

That company is believed to be Centaur Gaming. Some of the former owners of that company are now also among the owners of Spectacle Entertainment.

After the investigation, officials will decide whether to award a license to Spectacle.

The decision on the license isn’t expected until summer.

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