IU Requiring Face Masks All The Time On All Campuses

INDIANA — Indiana University is requiring face masks at all times on all IU campuses.

It’s a requirement for all students, staff, and visitors that are on campus.

Face masks must be worn while teaching, if you are talking or working with other people during class.

It also must be worn in all IU buildings including hallways, elevators, public spaces and common areas. This also includes outdoor spaces where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

You do not have to wear a mask in private offices or when you are alone in a space with the door closed, like a dorm room.

IU is giving each student, faculty and staff member two masks, but you can also wear your own if it meets CDC guidelines.

IU Bloomington Provost Lauren Robel said she is working with Bloomington campus leaders on how to enforce the new mask rule.