Vigo County Woman Sentenced To 4 Years

TERRE HAUTE, Ind  – A Vigo County woman pleads guilty to charges related to the starvation death of a child.

Cameron Hoopingarner was just 9 years old when he died.

Sarah Travioli has pleaded guilty to four charges and admitted that she did not report the neglect.

She and her two children lived with the legal guardians of Cameron Hoopingarner.

The other charges related to Travioli’s children testing positive for meth.

On Thursday, she was sentenced to four years in prison with credit for the 474 days already served, two-years on in-home detention after she is released and then two years of formal probation.

She indicated that she will appeal her sentence.

Three other defendants in this case, Robin, Chad, and Hubert Kraemer have already been sentenced to between

Robin was sentenced to 36 ½ years in prison, while Chad was sentenced to five years plus two years home detention.

Chad Kraemer is also planning an appeal.

Hubert Kraemer is the final defendant and is set to stand trial June 25th.


Sarah Travioli
Robin Kraemer
Hubert Kraemer
Chad Kraemer