Terre Haute Police Officer Resigns After Pleading Guilty To Battery and Public Nudity



Terre Haute, In. – On Tuesday November 22, 2022 Terre Haute Police Officer Trevor Singer pleaded guilty to two counts of battery and one count of public nudity in connection with incidents that occurred July 30th.  Singer also resigned from The Terre Haute Police Department Tuesday.    On July 30th Terre Haute police responded to the Poplar Pub where a woman said that Singer made unwanted advances at her as she was driving. She said he also exposed himself to her. Another woman said Singer made unwanted advances in the parking lot. A judge sentenced Singer to 420 days of formal probation. Terms of probation include Singer completing any recommended alcohol and drug treatment and being subject to random drug screens. Also, he will have a Fourth Amendment search and seizure waiver in place during his probation.