Busy Year For INDOT, More Projects Next Year

INDIANA — It’s been one of the busiest years ever for the construction workers with the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Throughout the state, INDOT had 1,100 projects scheduled for the 2019 construction season.

“I-70 and 465, traffic in the mornings with construction is just a nightmare. There are a lot of times I had to leave from home to work two, three hours beforehand just to get there on time,” said driver Chris Poe. “They have definitely made a lot of improvements with the way the roads are, too.”

In the Marion County area alone, INDOT says they have spend more than $90 million on road construction. This included several projects that saw portions of I-65 and I-465, some of the most heavily traveled arteries in the Capitol City, completely shut down while INDOT rehabbed and resurfaced the interstates.

“I mean, I am happy again they are fixing it, though. I am happy it is over. At least everything will be good now right,” said Lauren Haskamp, who commutes around Indy daily. “It’s better than the alternative, swerving around a pothole and hitting somebody.”

INDOT has hundreds of more projects in the works heading into 2020, and even into November of this year. According to the INDOT website, most of those projects involve work of state roads and highways and not on interstates.